General Information and Documents Required for Filing a Trademark Application in Brazil.

For the purpose of filing a trade or a service mark application in Brazil, the following information and documents are required:

  1. Indication of full name, nationality, and complete address, domicile or residence, of the applicant company.
  2. A list of the goods or services to be covered by the trademark.
  3. A certificate of line of business (fazer link para download do affidavit), to prove that applicant is a legally established entity and that it is engaged in the business of the goods or services to be covered by the trademark. This document can be an Affidavit executed by an authorized officer of the applicant company, a declaration from the local Chamber of Commerce or Public Notary or an abstract of the Registry of Commerce.
  4. A print of the trademark. Not required for marks in plain block letters.
  5. If Convention priority is to be claimed, the number, date and country of the parent application shall be stated in the application. A certified (not legalized) copy of the basic foreign application, together with a sworn translation into Portuguese, must be lodged within 180 days from the date of filing in Brazil.
  6. A power of attorney executed by the applicant (fazer link para download do power of attorney). This document does not need to be notarized or legalized. If applicant is a legal entity, the name and position of the representative authorized to act on behalf of the company shall be clearly indicated. The power of attorney can be filed up to 60 (sixty) days after the filing of the application. This term is can not be extended.

The above documents should be in our hands as soon as possible, preferably three to four weeks before the end of the six (6) months time limit for claiming Convention priority.