What We Do


Our Trademark Department has on-line access to the Database of the Trademark Office, which enables us to conduct and immediately report trademark searches, duly accompanied by our comments and all relevant information regarding any similar or identical previously filed trademarks which may bar the registration of a pretended trademark. Our Trademark Department is fully prepared to render the following services

  • General client counseling regarding the protection of trademarks in Brazil.
  • Classification of the goods and/or services to be protected by a trademark according to the National Classification of Goods and Services.
  • Conducting searches for word, combined and logo trademarks.
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting trademarks applications for domestic and foreign clients.
  • Watching service of trademarks filed by third parties.
  • Complying or replying to official actions and interviewing with the Examiners of the Trademark Office, when necessary.
  • Preparing, or replying, to oppositions, appeals and requests of administrative annulment.
  • General client counseling regarding the use of trademarks to avoid forfeiture of the registration due to lack of use.
  • General client counseling regarding agreements involving licensing and/or acquiring trademarks, advertising slogans and publicity signs, including preparing the required assignment documents.